Here’s a landing page for issues that involve education.  I’m somewhat deeply involved in local education issues in my K-12 school district, those are filed under “Local Issues’, this page is more to discuss larger – state, national, or perhaps even global education issues.

Overall, education is important – having a common education of good quality is one of those things that both keep a people together as well as move them higher on the ladder of civilization.

Education is what allows us to learn from the mistakes of history, learn about things that go beyond our local experience, and understand how the scientific method works to bring us closer to the truth with each experiment.

A good education should also instill in us a confidence to feel free to ask questions whenever they arise – and to ask those questions of authorities when necessary.

A good education should also lead us to a better understanding, and perhaps empathy for, people who don’t live like us.  Widening the horizons to include cultures throughout the world.

How do we determine what hat good education looks like?   Hmmmm….

We’ll just have to think about that, won’t we?