So, yes, as you can imagine, I’ve been accused of hubris before – which is pretty much the definition of “putting up a web page to tell the world what you think about things”, right?

As if my thoughts on any particular topic are something anyone would care about…

But, on the other hand there are some topics that I’ve spent some time studying and “thinking through” (largely the menu choices above), and if only for my own sake – so I don’t have to think them through again – it’s good to have a place to put them.

And that place is here.


Warning.  I like to “do the math” on things.  I’m a policy dweeb – it’s not all about “what I like”, it’s all about what works.

For me, that tends to define “what I like”, but I know that’s not the case for everyone.  Some people choose to think a particular path to a solution is acceptable whether it actually works or not, with the primary importance on making that solution fit a particular philosophy.

To me, that’s more of a “belief” than a true solution – and I have to say if that’s you, we disagree.  I’m more into solving problems than maintaining a particular predetermined viewpoint based on belief, but there’s nothing I can do about that except lay out the logical fact-based path to solutions.


If you’re not interested in beating an issue to death – starting at the beginning, working your way through the middle and ending in the end – you’re just going to be bored with this.

Suggest you go back to the latest celebrities, whack-o politicians, or your favorite sports team.  Something that doesn’t require at least a few minutes of concentrated logical thought.

If you’re not into the details, that’s fine.  But it would be nice if you recognize that and admit to it, and remember that when discussing issues with those who are willing to put the effort into understanding the details.

If you don’t want to spend the time and effort to go to Med school that’s fine, but I think we all might agree that those who have put in that time and effort are better positioned to make decisions on treatment options for those with health issues?

Being interested enough in politics, solutions, and the details behind them is not a pre-requisite for being a great person.  There are plenty of great people who don’t care about such things.

Nor does it make you “stupid” in any way – you just have different interests.

That’s totally fine.  There are a lot of great people who don’t care to think about….

…how letting each state control healthcare insurance offerings cripples free market competition and keeps prices high

…how the utilities are playing shell games with rate structures to prevent renewable energy from being too popular

…how pesticide companies are destroying vital parts of our food chain in pursuit of profits

…how our government helps keep college costs high

…how  government employees continue to arrange for increases in their own pay and benefits, at the expense of the services we expect from government.

…or how our entire political system is designed to make sure the key benefits flow to the participants and special interests in that system – first and foremost – and to “the people” only as a side effect of that.

I would like to think issues like that are important to us all – important enough to be well worth everyone’s time to think them through – and particularly important to those who have kids.  But if you simply “trust everyone else” to make the right decisions for you I can understand that – even if I do disagree.

Keep in mind, though, that democracy is a difficult thing to manage, and depends on an “educated population.”  If you’re not interested in spending the time to become educated, that’s ok, but please recognize that – and perhaps abstain from voting on things you do not what to spend the time to understand?

You may disagree – and of course you’re welcome to do that.

I don’t know everything, of course.  I have some pet topics I care about (the headlines/menu choices above) and have spent a bit more time than the average bear examining and thinking those things through – but that doesn’t mean I’ve nailed it all down.

More facts are always welcome, but “unspecified griping” (or just plain sniping) is not productive, I’ll delete those comments.  Sorry, you’re welcome to move over to Facebook if you want to simply spout off…

Yes, you can also find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, or the occasional editorial letter in the San Diego Union Tribune.